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History and History of the Faculty              Faculty of Science Thaksin University From the founding of Songkhla College of Education in 1968 to the spread of opportunities for further study in higher education institutions of regional students. In 1974, Songkhla College of Education was upgraded to be Srinakharinwirot University. Later, in 1977, the Faculty of Science was opened. Mathematics And biology With the establishment of the Faculty of Science.
     From 1978 to 1993, the Faculty of Science opened 4 curriculums, namely Chemistry, Statistics, Physics and Computer Science, and in 1993, Srinakharinwirot University. Songkhla Campus Changed name Srinakharinwirot University By continuing to develop academic work. The Faculty of Science opened its first Masters degree program in 1995 with the Faculty of Education. Until on November 1, 1996.Has been raised Thaksin University With the development of curriculum in the production of graduates to support the needs of the other five courses until in 2004, the Faculty of Science. The study area has been expanded into two areas: Songkhla Campus, Muang District, Songkhla Province and Phatthalung Campus. Amphoe Pa Pa In Phatthalung province, on 7 February 2008, it was transformed into a state-run university.
     From past to present Faculty of Science Bachelor of Science (BS) and Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Education with a total of 17 courses and cooperation in graduate education. Together with the Faculty of Education Courses offered 5 years of undergraduate degree and 2 graduate studies to increase the potential of education. And to the quality of graduates that society expects. The academic, research and community service.

In addition to science teaching, the faculty also conducts research and academic services. To be a technical supporter of the community. And improve the quality of life meet the needs. And solve the problem of community. The emphasis is on the transfer of knowledge and modern technology to the country. The Faculty of Science has a number of outstanding researches that have been recognized by various organizations, including the fulfillment of His Majesty the Kings work. With a lot of research.


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